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He wants to do what?

I'm not usually that person who spews their political opinions all over the place. And I'm not trying to change anyone's mind.

But this is scary!

I need a favor...!

Ok, so that was kinda a pun, but I didn't mean for it to be that way.  Anyway, I need y'all to go over and read this post on my wedding blog and vote on coaster designs. 


wordpress wedding blog

wedding crap home

now y'all don't have to see it if you don't want to.

392 days to go!!

Oops, I kinda missed my 400 day mark, this will have to do

Wedding Monograms

I hired SwishDesigns to design a monogram for my wedding...

this is my favorite... I'm hiring terbearco to make me a custom rubber stamp from the swirly stuff for my invites.

And this one is my new initials... since I got four monograms and really didn't need all those for the wedding...

I got her to send me them in color as you see here and in black/white/gray...in case I don't like them in color on my invitations. 

here's the inspiration for my invites

and my color palette is sage, burgundy, gold, and ivory...
I'd make one of those nifty little blocks if I knew how....

Just an update

Well, I've been busy these past few weeks since my last update.  So I thought I'd just 

How we love Savannah...

So this weekend was our anniversary trip to Savannah.  I was fairly confident he was going to pop the question while we were out there.  Friday night we hung with his buddy and did a little drinking at a haunted pub called Moon River (which is similar to the Cannon, but the beer is not nearly as tasty).  Saturday we went sight seeing on River St.  We took in an arts and crafts festival...which was pretty pathetic.  We also got to go to the local yarn store, which was great because I got to pick up some silk rhapsody for my swap partner.  Then we got caught in a tornado...but survived unscathed.  It only just formed over the building we were standing outside of...  So now we were drenched, so back to the hotel for some R&R... he watched baseball while I knit on my current, and almost finished, velvet grapes capelet.  Then we took a little nap before going out to eat at the Boar's Head Grill and Tavern on River St.  Tyson (Matthew's bff) had secured us reservations and a fab table right next to the window overlooking the river.  At this point, I'm fully prepared for him to get down on one knee...  We had a fantastic dinner and desert... then we left... no proposal.  I was ticked.  We were off for more drinking at Moon River with Tyson, Wendy, and her bf Spencer...so I knew he wasn't going to propose during all that.  So now I'm extremely irritable. 
Then this morning, we got up, got checked out of our hotel, and went to mass at The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.  Afterwards, on Tyson's recommendation, we had brunch at the Firefly Cafe, which was excellent, although pricey.  I'm still bitter about the night before.  My feet hurt and I was ready to go back home.  But Matthew was insistent on visiting some of the squares, and this Irish store (which we didn't get to go to, because they were closed).  So, I huffed and puffed, but I went along without too much complaint.  We stop in front of the fountain in Lafayette Square to have a photo op, which is not unusual for Matthew (he loves to force me to take pictures at every moment, even if it is totally unconsequential).   I stand next to him and smile appropriately for a few shots.  Then Tyson says "get on the fountain" and I'm thinking we are going to fall into this horribly scummy water, but what the hell...Up we go.  One more shot and Matthew looks at me and says "Six month ago I asked you to be my girlfriend.  Today, I have another question for you...(pause to get on his knees, still on the fountain mind you)...Jennifer, will you be my wife?"  And he opens the ring box...and good Lord is it gorgeous.  Of course I said yes....  He's shaking, I'm shaking, Tyson is giggling because the whole event was orchestrated so well...and he's madly snapping away, documenting the moment forever in digital film. 

Tenatively, the date is set for June 20, 2009. 

Mar. 30th, 2008

Well, I'm settling in at my hew job nicely.  It's like coming home, being back in a hospital. 
I'm also finally making strides towards a period correct wardrobe, yay!

But what I really wanted to share was how awesome last night was.  First of all, I was on the VIP list!!  And we got front row seats.  But then, a whole mob of 21 year olds got up and started dancing.  Well, no offense, but I didn't come to see you people grind on each other, I came to see Modern Skirts... So I was mad, really mad.  But they weren't going to sit, so I just got up and stood at the edge of the stage too, which ended up ok...  The show was amazing... so much energy and simultaneous jumping... I thought the floor was going to give way.  I got to meet the guys and got their autographs on a shirt....  I'm usually not much of a groupie... but these guys are something else...

without further ado....

please excuse the half finished drawers on the floor......

Easter Yarn Treat

So, I did an easter basket for both my babies...

I , however, am fairly sure I will not be getting a basket.  So, I bought yarn...  YAY!!

Finished Objects

Hi all!!!  Wanted to show off how busy I've been lately!